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 “North East Regional institute for Talent Search, Dhekiajuli” has been organizing the summer & winter Merit Test (School Level V- XII) and L.P. Level (once) Assamese, Hindi, Bengali, Bodo Medium along with STD -I to V English Medium (twice) since its establishment not only to create a competitive awareness among the students community but also to provide a state level platform and to offer them “All Assam 1st  , 2nd and 3rd respectively & 90% to 94 % Each and 82% to 88 % Each in the examination along with certificate, proficiency. Introduction of G.K., Reasoning and Picture Detection along with other important subjects in the test may lead to the promotion of the students of the geographically isolated area to face with confidence in various national level examination for job in future.

General Information:

The Institution “The North East Regional Institute for Talent Search” was established at the heart of the city Guwahati in the year 2002. After that the Administrative Office of NERITS established in Dhekiajuli and all the jobs done from here.

The objects of this unitary type institution are that it shall
(a) Promote the student community of region from different background for all round development.
(b) Provide platform to the student of various standards so as to check their caliber among themselves in the National / State / Regional level examination.
(c) Build up the competitive awareness among the students from very beginning step of their educational journey to gain confidence to face various State/Regional cum National level competition test.
(d) Guide the student providing adequate information collection from  different sources elation to the future carrier of the new generation  through the district coordinator's office.
(e) Extends its helping hand for providing financial assistance to some selected brilliant students from very poor economic status through “SANKARDEV HELPING HAND SCHEME.” Keeping the objects stated above in view the institution has drawn up a Ten year perspective plan for its development the plan envisages establishment of the following regular programs:
1. English Medium Merit Test (i.Summer & ii.Winter) STD-I to XII
2. Seminar for development studies
3. Sankar Dev’s Helping Hand.

2. Class V to XII School & Higher Secondary Level Merit Test
The High School (English, Assamese, Bodo, Bengali Medium) going students i.e. from class V to XII studying under English, Assamese, Bodo & Bengali Medium eligible to appear this test. The test is held twice in a year.

(I) The Summer Test :

Any Sunday of the Month of June will be announced through media and our center supervisor, as the date of this test. The first half portion of the concerned classes mainly of SEBA/CBSE approved courses constitute the syllabus with the following marks distributions:
A. General Mathematics  20%  B. General Science  20% C.General Awareness 20%  D. Test of Reasoning 20% E.English Grammar 20% F. Picture Detection 20%

The medium of the test is English/Assamese/Boro/Bengali. There are separate sets of question papers for different classes. But at the time of evaluation of the Brilliant students, they are divided on the basis of Percentage wise.
Checking the gain in knowledge on concerned standard are selected by the examination Board to offer the All Assam 1st Rs. 12000/-, 2nd Rs. 60000/- and 3rd Rs. 3000/-, 90% to 94% Rs. 1200/- Each, 82% to 88% Rs. 700/- Each, 80% Rs. 500/-.

(II) The winter Merit Test :
Any Sunday of the month of December will be selected for this test. Here the full portion of concerned subjects of concerned classes is covered and the rest is same as the summer Merit Test. The number of Student thus selected from each District is of course depends on the number of appeared students also. Thus it may be vary time to time.

4. (D) Sankar Dev’s Helping Hand :
NERITS extends its helping hand through the above scheme to those outstanding reformers in H.S.L.C. (SEBA/ SEBN/ CBSE)Examination who are from very poor economic background. After the result of HSLC exam is declared the needy students have to apply in particulars “Form” to the Chairman of NERITS through concerned Principal /Head of the institution from where he/she has passed. And President / Secretary of NERITS Educational trust is constituted to select the students considering their economic status and the HSLC results to offer financial assistance, Book package etc.

An interpretation of the LOGO of NERITS :
The Logo of Nerits reflects the aims and objectives of the institute. The open book and feather pen symbolizes the unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
* The glowing Banti indicate the deeply illumination of personality.
* The authentically placing circle with the ribbon signifies the urge for Achieving perfection.
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